Giddy-Up Getaways

By Bekah Wright

As fantasies go, one that’s shared by many involves saddling up in the Wild West and hitting the trails. A place where this fantasy comes alive for both grown-ups and children alike – Tucson’s Tanque Verde Ranch (TVR).

Pulses quicken upon pulling up the 144-year-old ranch’s drive. Easily visible are the resident horses, and with them, the promise of adventures ahead in the Sonoran Desert. Excitement builds while registering in the lobby when hearing the exuberant voices of guests, many of whom are families whose paths have crossed at Tanque Verde over the years. Other visitors are just in from outings, like a mother with a toddler riding piggyback, fresh off a hike along the trails of the 600-acre ranch. There’s another sound, too – the jingle jangle of spurs on pointy-toed boots. Yep, this is cowboy country. A place where donning a hat and speaking with a drawl just seems natural.