Having Two Kids Under 2

Having two kids under 2

I made it through that pregnancy, and my son was born at 38 weeks making our children barely 14 months apart. Now that he had arrived, we thought we did it! We have our girl and our boy, they’re close in age, they’ll be good friends, and we won’t be tied up with baby things for too long. Little did we know how extremely difficult that first couple of years is with two kids under 2.

The first few months of getting up multiple times a night with a newborn while trying to care for both babies during the day was exhausting. As a newborn, my son naturally had no schedule and napped multiple times a day. My daughter at this time was taking two naps a day. As a stay-at-home mom I was basically trapped at home all day, every day. I could never get out because someone was always sleeping. Someone was always eating or needed a diaper change and I was so tired I had a hard time keeping on top of it all. Getting into and out of the car was much tougher than I’d anticipated. Heading to the grocery store was difficult because my cart was filled with kids. I couldn’t do a big shopping trip with the two of them and had to reserve that for days when my husband was home.

As time went by and each child hit new milestones, life got a little easier. Once my son seemed to notice my daughter, she loved the attention. She was great motivation for him. He crawled and walked extremely early, all because he wanted to keep up with her. By the time he was a year old life started to settle into a routine. Both kids were sleeping through the night. We were working on potty training my daughter and we were able to get out of the house much more frequently which was wonderful for all of us.