lemonade standBy Stacy Whitman

Nothing screams �Summer!� more than an old-fashioned lemonade stand. It�s a childhood rite of passage that can teach your little one farm-to-table awareness and life skills, from communicating with grown-ups to counting money. And if the proceeds are given to charity, your child gets a lesson on the value of helping others. Kids as young as age 3 can be hands-on participants with help from Mom or Dad. Some tips to get you started:

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Choose a charity Before setting up the lemonade stand, help your child decide where to donate his earnings. Find a local organization (such as an animal shelter) that�s meaningful to him. For a national list, go to charitychoices.com. Or try alexslemonade.org, an organization that raises money to fight childhood cancer through lemonade stands.

Pick the spot Positioning the lemonade stand where there is lots of foot traffic (for example, close to a church or temple, a busy sports field or a festival) will help boost business.

Make a stand You�ll need a small table, chairs, an insulated cooler, ice, paper cups, a covered trash can and spill-proof lemonade containers. Add colorful balloons or pinwheels to attract attention.

Price it right Figure out how much to charge ($.50 to $1 per cup should be about right) or simply ask for donations.

Create a sign Make it big and bold, and don�t forget to specify the name of the charity. Attach it to the front of the table or to two garden stakes that you press into the ground.

Spread the word Send out an electronic invitation to family and friends, and pass out flyers to neighbors or your child�s daycare or summer camp.

Make the lemonade Pick lemons from a tree if possible, and try our recipe for Homemade Honey Lemonade�it�s a winner! (Multiply the ingredients to make enough to serve your expected number of patrons.) Let your child help pick and squeeze the lemons and stir in the sugar-honey syrup.

Submit the dough If you�re donating to a local charity, bring your child with you to deliver the money in person.