The Top 5 Myths About Rear Facing Car Seats

rear facing car seatRear facing car seat myth #2: My toddler hates it!

Actually, your toddler just hates being strapped down, and doesn’t care if she’s in a rear facing car seat or a forward facing one. She is curious, newly mobile, and wants to explore her world—and car seat straps steal her independence.

But like other phases (remember how much fun colic was?) she’ll outgrow it. In my experience helping families over the past 14 years, I find that the age of hating the car seat is worst from 12-15 months of age, and gets a lot better by 18 months of age. Regardless, just because your child wants something doesn’t mean that it’s good for her or that she should get it. (Think, staying up until midnight, eating ice cream every day…you get the idea!)