A must have for nursing moms, a breast pump makes long term breastfeeding feasible. There will inevitably be times when mother and baby must separate for a while. For those times, pumping and refrigerating or freezing breast milk will not only keep a baby satisfied while his mother is away, it will also help to maintain a mom’s production of the precious liquid while she is away from her baby, a vital factor since her natural supply is based on demand. To meet a variety of needs and preferences, a wide selection of pumps is available, including large hospital grade styles, middle weight automatic pumps, and smaller portable models that are either battery or manually operated.

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Breastfeeding and Driving?

Article Courtesy of the By Lisa Belkin There’s multitasking, and there’s taking leave of your senses. Last week, Genine Compton, a mother living outside Dayton, Ohio, drove her children…
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