10 Best Gifts For New Moms

10 Best Gifts For New Moms 1

By Lyz Lenz

Between feedings, changing diapers, and getting used to their happy but sleepless life, new moms need extra special attention when it comes to gift-giving this time of year. Read on for 10 no-fail gifts for new moms that are guaranteed to please.

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10 Best Gifts For New Moms 2 New mom gift #1: A Nook Color

There isn’t a lot you can do during those late night feedings—holding a book requires lights and lights require waking the baby. Give the new mom in your life the gift of distraction, with a Nook Color—lightweight and easy to hold with one hand, this device is backlit for nighttime reading. Bonus: It’s color, so, mom can download kid’s books too. ($145, barnesandnoble.com)


10 Best Gifts For New Moms 3 New mom gift #2: A custom mommy necklace

Celebrate baby and mom with a pretty custom mommy necklace. At under $40, this sterling silver one is budget-friendly, stylish, and unique. Bonus: Mom can add more charms as her family grows. ($32, etsy.com)


10 Best Gifts For New Moms 4 New mom gift #3: A spa day

Days after giving birth, I felt a knot in my side that was so hard, I thought I had cancer. Thankfully, it turned out to just be stress. But could you imagine?! Being a new mom makes everything hurt. Give the one in your life the gift of relaxation—a massage, facial, or a full day of pampering at a local spa.


10 Best Gifts For New Moms 5 New mom gift #4: A pretty, floaty top

Trying to find clothes that flatter your post-baby body is difficult enough without having to haul your newborn with you through the mall. This flattering and comfy top is trendy enough to wear on a night out, but still flexible enough for breastfeeding and yes, it will flatter that post-baby belly. ($58, anthropologie.com)


10 Best Gifts For New Moms 6 New mom gift #5: A day of house cleaning

House cleaning after a baby is born is the worst. There’s spit up on the floor, a weird poo smell in the baby’s room, and something crusty that everyone is avoiding on the kitchen counter. Give mama a break and let someone else do the work. This gift can be adjusted to fit any budget from a $50 ala carte gift card to a $400 whole house clean.


10 Best Gifts For New Moms 7 New mom gift #6: A sweet, smoothing scrub

Post-baby skin is well, not quite like normal skin. Help mama scrub down and feel scrumptious by gifting her some delicious body scrub, like hellomello Uplift Body Scrub with white grapefruit, vanilla, and pink himalayan sea salt. (Oh, and watching the baby so she can have some extra time in the shower would be great, too.) ($18, vine.com)


10 Best Gifts For New Moms 8 New mom gift #7: A cozy, comfy sweatshirt

Just ‘cuz she’s a mama, that doesn’t mean she has to be frumpy. Let her know that you know she has it, with this trendy, budget- and post-baby body friendly sweatshirt from Full Tilt. ($25, tillys.com)


10 Best Gifts For New Moms 9 New mom gift #8: A Starbucks gift card

This might seem humdrum, but let me assure you, it’s anything but. Some days, all a new mom can do to get her baby to nap and get some sanity is to hop in the car and make a Starbucks run. Ease the pain on her wallet with this life-saving little card.


10 Best Gifts For New Moms 10

New mom gift #9: A quirky coin purse

Motherhood means schlepping giant bags to and fro. Help mom pare down by giving her a small purse to hold her money, credit cards, ID, and maybe a little bit of Advil, to make it easy to run an errand or throw her money in the diaper bag and go. ($20, potpourrigift.com)


new mom gifts New mom gift #10: Snuggly slipper boots

These fashionable boots travel indoors and outdoors with ease. A cinch to slip on while you are holding a baby, these boots will make sure mom stays just as snuggly as the baby. ($112, zappos.com)

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Between feedings, changing diapers, and no sleep, moms need extra attention this time of year.

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