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From Our Friends at ParentsAsk.com

Most people scramble for stocking stuffers at the last minute and the often uninspired little gifts of the season sit alongside the equally uninspired (or simply useless) party favors our kids collect at birthday parties throughout the year. 

But why not make your stocking stuffers count this year?  Take a look at our list of 10 gifts from our friends, Bonnie and Jill Spoon of Spoonsisters.com that we think are worthy of making it into the stockings of everyone on your list (even the family dog):   *Also, the spoonsisters are offering a 15% discount to all Parents Ask users—simply use the code: paraskspoon

1.  Make Your Own Flip Book. 

This is the cutest little book for the crafty kid.  The kit contains everything you need to create flipbooks of a Rocket Ship blasting through space and a Robot that pops up and rides a skateboard! Also included are two blank frames to draw flipbooks of your own creation.   (buy this asap…they keep selling out!) 


2. Finger Printing Art Set

Your fingerprints are unique, and with this set you can turn them into creatures, flowers or whimsical characters. Use the tiny rubber stamps to add faces and features, and the colored pencils to embellish your mini-masterpieces. Great for creating personalized greeting cards too.   


3. Tattoo To Do Kit

If you have a forgetful kid at home (and who doesn’t have at least one?), this is the perfect gift to help avoid saying the old, "If your head wasn’t screwed on you’d forget it…" line.  This To Do tattoo list is practical and fun (how often do you tell your kids to stamp their hands willingly?) and at least in my house has really worked.  No more dance bags left at home or lunches left in the refrigerator—at least not this week! 


4. Bird Notes

Your kids can take a momentary break from emails and text abbreviations with this throw back to a less  mechanized age, and this charming way to send a message. These small ceramic birds carry a piece of paper that’s rolled up and slipped through a tiny hole in the middle of the bird. Simply unroll the paper, write your note and send it—or present it—to the recipient. Birds come either painted, or unfinished to decorate yourself, or to give unfinished and let the recipient have the fun of coloring it.


5. Shoelaces made from Japanese fabric

No more dirty or shredded shoelaces!  Why not have an extra pair on hand and while you’re at it, make a fashion statement!  The designs on these shoelaces were inspired by the fabrics used to make Japanese kimonos. Lace them up to add a unique, and colorful, touch to a favorite pair of sneakers or lace up boots. At 47 ½ inches long, there’s a lot of shoelace to work with and get creative. Sold as a set of two. So cute.


You’ll find stuff for the whole family on this list.

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