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kids thanksgiving craftsWhat we’re thankful for: Being able to milk another few weeks out of fall’s festive decorations with these cute kids Thanksgiving crafts. (Everyone knows the Christmas decorations aren’t supposed to come out until December 1!)

Here, 10 adorable Turkey Day projects that you can make with your little one—that are pretty enough to display around the house.

kids thanksgiving craftsPear and Clove Centerpiece

We’ve never seen a kid-friendly holiday craft quite as elegant as this one from jessicaburns.com. Plus, it’s super inexpensive, and you can find all your supplies (pears and cloves, that’s it!) at the grocery store.

Pilgrim Hat Cookie Treats

What’s better than a chocolate frosted cookie? A chocolate frosted cookie with a marshmallow on top—that’s a dead ringer for a pilgrim hat.

kids thanksgiving craftsPinecone Turkeys

We love it when you can use objects right from your yard, like pinecones and leaves, to make a super cute table decoration.

kids thanksgiving craftsPaper Cornucopias

Makeandtakes.com rolls sheets of pretty paper into cones, tapes ‘em shut, and fills with yummy treats. Couldn’t be simpler.

kids thanksgiving craftsTurkey Hand Banner

Not only is this seasonal door banner adorable, it makes a great keepsake once your child is older and her hands have grown to twice the size they are now!

kids thanksgiving craftsPilgrim Hat

With some construction paper, glitter, and a printable template, anyone can party like a pilgrim this Thanksgiving.

kids thanksgiving craftsThankful Tree

Teach your tot what Turkey Day is really about with this door-sized tree, where everyone in your family writes down what they’re thankful for.

kids thanksgiving craftsMaple Leaf Turkey

Who knew autumn leaves so closely resembled turkeys?

kids thanksgiving craftsGourd Gobblers

If you still have gourds or mini pumpkins hanging around from Halloween, don’t throw them out! Turn them into a flock of cool-looking turkeys instead.

kids thanksgiving craftsFelt Feather Headband

The best part about these toppers? Everyone gets to decorate their own however they want!

Easy, adorable projects you can do with your preschooler.

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