The Top 10 Ways To Raise a Polite Child

By Dr. Jodi Stoner and Lori Weiner
Authors of the book, Good Manners are Contagious: Real Solutions for Raising Responsible, Resilient and Respectful Children

First and foremost, parents must model the manners they want their children to have.  Rude parents will produce rude children!

1. Introduce and reinforce the meaning behind the “Magic Words” (please, thank you, etc.)  Guide children to master these words by using them often. When teaching “I’m sorry” - make certain children know it must be meaningful.

2. Cultivate the concept -  “Be kind to others”.  Name calling, bullying or treating others callously will not be tolerated.

3.  Reinforce respect - act respectfully towards your children, and demand respect from them.  Identify ways to help children feel good about themselves (earned self-respect)

4.   Foster and teach the value of values - honesty, tolerance, empathy, compassion, gratefulness, kindness - embrace them!

5.  Make mealtime manners a life skill that will continue to help children (and adults) feel confident in all future social/dining experiences.  These skills can make or break a business deal in the future.