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As expecting or new parents, there is so much to learn about your little one, and it can sometimes be overwhelming to sift through information about newborn baby stuff, what to buy for a newborn, and everything you need for a baby. Once you’ve brought your child home, putting your baby to sleep and getting them to sleep through the night—or at least long enough for everyone to get some much-needed rest—can be a struggle.

Whether you’re just bringing home baby or trying to soothe your tot to sleep, there are a host of baby items that your baby needs you may not have thought to add to your baby preparation list. You’re likely already familiar with the leading baby brands available, but learning about the top baby sleep products can help ensure you have the tools you need to get your baby to sleep.

While there’s no magic solution for helping your baby settle and rest, there are some game-changing products that can help you lull your little one to sleep. Here at NewParent, we’ve rounded up the top products for baby sleep to help your bundle of joy—and you—get the rest they need.

Sleep 101

Beyond following tips for a good night’s sleep with a newborn, you can make sleep training easier and more effective with “Sleep 101″ Lumi by Pamper Smart Sleep System. This smart sleep system ranks among top baby sleep technology and was designed with pediatricians for babies 0-16 months. It offers new parents professional sleep coaching paired with customized sleep tracking and insights to get your baby on a healthy sleep schedule from day one.

baby sleep 101Using the smart sleep system, parents can effortlessly track their baby’s sleep patterns 24/7 using the smart sleep sensor that attaches to the outside of your little one’s diaper. The sensor communicates via baby-safe Bluetooth Low Energy and has an ergonomic design that won’t disrupt your tot’s rest. With the integrated app you’ll learn newborn sleep fundamentals, how to develop a healthy sleep schedule and support their little one’s health. When putting together your list of baby things, this is one baby sleep item you don’t want to leave off.

Comforting Cloths

Along with developing healthy sleep habits for babies, you can help ease your infant to sleep with soft, organic baby pajamas, blankets, and sleepsuits to gently move your baby out of swaddles.


The Monica + Andy organic baby blankets are some of the softest organic blankets available for your baby. They come in a variety of precious colors and designs and can help your baby snuggle into sleep every night. From bedtime to tummy time, these 100% organic cotton muslin blankets are lightweight and breathable, making them ideal for use year-round. They can even be embroidered for a personal touch.


Along with cozy blankets, another must-have baby sleep product is Burt’s Bees organic baby pajamas. With award-winning softness, these organic cotton pajamas offer a snug but breathable fit. Whether you’re snuggling your baby before bed or laying them down to sleep, these comforting one- and two-piece pajamas can help your babe doze off into a peaceful night’s sleep.

Transition from swaddle

Another especially helpful product for baby sleep is Baby Merlin’s Magic Sleepsuit. This innovative swaddle transition sleepsuit gives your baby a pacifying and safe sleep environment when it’s time for them to move out of the swaddle but still need to feel cozy and secure while they sleep. Transitioning your bundle of joy from swaddling is a big development, and this sleepsuit helps make that transition easier.

Baby Monitors

Lumi Monitor_KeyVisual_BlackiPhoneWhen asking yourself what to buy for a newborn baby, an essential item is a baby monitor. Better yet, buy a Smart Baby Monitor. Lumi Smart Baby Monitor uses 1080p high-definition resolution and an ultra-wide 180° view to allow parents to keep a watchful eye on their newborn at all times.

It’s also Wi-Fi enabled so that you can watch your baby from anywhere and allows you to track room temperature and humidity so you can create the optimal sleep environment. Parents can also rest easy knowing their video feed has bank-level encryption and is secure, so you can share precious moments with family and friends far away by easily managing individual permissions.

Bassinets and Cribs

Perhaps one of the most critical components of ensuring your baby’s healthy sleep is where they get their rest. Besides having your baby sleep in your room for at least the first 6 months, you should invest in a quality bassinet, co-sleeper, and crib.


The SNOO Smart sleeper bassinet helps your baby sleep soundly by using the latest technology to detect your baby’s crying and automatically rock them to sleep. It utilizes protective swaddle wings to keep your baby secure while they are rocked back and forth and can perform up to 10 million cycles of continuous motion.

Beyond the cutting-edge technology, it’s made of mesh walls and a hypoallergenic foam mattress for extra comfort and safety. When shopping for baby sleep items, this is one you won’t want to go without for better rest for your little one and your peace of mind.


Another high-ranking sleep solution for your little one is Arm’s Reach Concepts Cambria Co-Sleeper. This bedside bassinet is beautifully designed with curved wood and mesh for excellent airflow and visibility. You can conveniently place it by your bedside to keep your baby close to you for simpler nighttime feeds, and so you can easily soothe them back to sleep without disrupting your sleep cycles.


Another item that ranks high among the top baby sleep products is the Rockwell 3-in-1 convertible crib. Sporting a modern design, this convertible crib merges form and function while giving your newborn, infant, or toddler a safe space to sleep. It can be easily converted into a toddler bed or daybed and has adjustable mattress heights to accommodate your growing baby.

This is a great long-term sleeping solution for parents looking for something that will adapt with their child as they grow.

Bedtime Books

Reading a book at bedtime is not only a great way to help your child nod off, but it’s a meaningful way to spend quality time together and educate them. For a great sleepy time board book – The Going-to-Bed Book by Sandra Boynton is a perfect choice.

This bestselling childhood classic depicts an assortment of animals getting ready for bed, which can help show healthy hygiene and sleeping habits to your child as they grow older.

The Takeaway

Getting your infant or toddler to sleep can be tough, but with the right baby products, you can help lull your baby into a peaceful night’s sleep and allow you and your partner to catch some Zs in the process. By adding any of these top baby products to your list of baby things to buy, you can help ensure your bundle of joy develops healthy sleep habits right from the get-go.

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