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NewParent was born in 1999, with the first issue of NewParent magazine. It would grow to become the largest prenatal magazine in the world, ultimately reaching 90% of all first time parents in the US. NewParent was designed not merely to inform and help educate those who were pregnant but to help throughout the full nine months — and not just the expecting mother, but the father as well. The experience of pregnancy, while filled with joy can also carry fears and we wished to reassure in the process.

When it became clear that technology was creating new avenues to provide useful information and help mom make good decisions about parenthood we created NewParent.com in 2008. Designed not to be another magazine on the web, but to take advantage of what makes the web a truly unique communication device. The ability to not just ask questions but to get answers.

Today, NewParent’s mission is to inform, educate, inspire, and empower expectant mothers, and new parents who seek information, experiences and resources to become more confident and effective parents. As the essential guide for expectant mothers, new parents and baby products we provide the information so that they have healthier, happier children.

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