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Kidiosity helps parents connect with their kids

Kidiosity was created to help strengthen families and better prepare children for success in life. Their product is a source of ideas for parents to engage, and spend quality time with, their growing children. They deliver unique activities weekly, discussion topics & encouragement daily, as well as the ability to capture memorable moments forever. Kidiosity aims to become the go-to source for parents asking the question “what should I do with my kids today / this weekend / next week”?

Kidiosity helps parents connect with their kids. Here are the key components:

Activities to Do…Together.
  • Each week, Kidiosity highlights new, fun, interesting, educational activities for parents to experience with their kids.
  • They make it easy by providing step-by-step instructions and an innovative way to purchase materials with just a few clicks.
  • They make it educational and engaging by including talking points to illuminate learning opportunities.
Meaningful Topics to Discuss.
  • Every day, they provide conversation starters that allow parents to connect with their kids in new and interesting ways.
  • Parents have the opportunity to share wisdom and life lessons, while engaging and learning from their kids.
Parenting Insights.
  • Parenting in today’s world isn’t easy, and it doesn’t come with an instruction manual.  That’s why they also offer helpful resources.
  • Tips from other parents, interesting factoids, curated articles, and a few laughs, delivered daily to help parents make the most of these special days.
Special Moments to Remember.
  • All of these insightful, humorous, educational, or just plain fun moments can be captured in a user’s Memory Book.
  • Parents can take a picture of their child hard at work, or of the finished project, and share the moment with friends and family or simply retain access to the “captured” memory forever in their Kidiosity account. (NOTE: Memory Book functionality not yet available)
Even in the absence of a global pandemic, the need is clear…and it’s growing. Life is increasingly busy, and quality time is rare.
  • 78% of parents wish they had more time available to spend with their kids.
  • 82% feel like their children are growing up far too quickly.
  • 94% of parents believe that creating lifelong memories with their kids is very important, and 70% constantly worry about not creating enough.
  • 71% of millennial moms & dads turn to the Internet of social media for help with parenting.
  • Over half of millennials said being a good parent was one of the top priorities in their lives, while only 30% said the same about having a successful marriage.
NewParent invites you to enjoy a FREE month’s subscription while you connect with your kids in cool new ways, just enter code newparent to claim your free month. Kidiosity delivers special moments that turn into lifelong memories.
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