Boys Vs. Girls: Which One Is Easier to Raise?

Parents of boys have to deal with fights, farts, and tons of sports and video games. Parents of girls have to deal with a whole lot of estrogen, fussiness, and tantrums. So which gender is easier to raise? A recent article on might give us the answer:

“There are differences in how we handle boys and girls right from birth,” says David Stein, Ph.D., a professor of psychology at Virginia State University in Petersburg. “We tend to talk more softly to girls and throw boys in the air.” But it’s also true that each gender’s brain, and growth, unfolds at a different rate, influencing behavior. Leonard Sax, M.D., author of Boys Adrift, believes parents raise girls and boys differently because girls and boys are so different from birth—their brains aren’t wired the same way.”


Have you had an easier experience with your boy/girl? Tell us in the comments below! But first, read the full article here