Fun Halloween Crafts

Fall is one of the best times to make adorable (and scary!) crafts with your toddler. So head to a supply store (we love Michael’s) and get supplies to make these awesome Halloween crafts.



What you’ll need:

Paper lunch bag
Child safe paint: Orange and Green
Child friendly paintbrush
Black marker
Twig (think short/stubby)
Green pipe cleaner or green fabric tape
Old Newspapers or magazines

What to do:

1. First set down some old newspapers to cover the work area to keep messes at a minimum

2. Let your child paint the outside of the bag orange, once it dries have them paint the other side.

3. Let dry, then ask your child if they would like to draw a face on the pumpkin or leave it blank.

4. Fold the top of the paper bag down over the dried orange and let your child paint it green (this will create the leaves of the pumpkin.)

5. Once the green paint dries tear the folded over paper, leaving enough paper so that it remains attached to the bag.

6. Open the bag up.

7. Take the old newspapers/magazines, let your toddler ball up the paper and place it into the bag until the bag is half full leaving enough space to close the bag.

8. Have your tot place a twig in the top of the bag and help them twist it closed. You can let them hold the bag as you seal it with a green pipe cleaner or fabric tape.

9. Help your child carefully pull the green part of the bag down so that it looks like leaves.