Are Food Allergies Out of Control?

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Sometimes you feel like a nut.  Sometimes you don’t.  And sometimes a nut can make your face swell up like a balloon.  Yep, today on Momversation, we’re talking about food allergies, particularly peanut allergies, and how they have changed the landscape of the school cafeteria.  No longer are PB&Js the staple of an elementary school lunch; in fact, they are banned in a lot of districts.  Has the world gone mad?  What will they ban next?  Giyen Kim of Bacon Is My Enemy asks, “Have food allergies gotten out of hand?”

Do you think entire schools should ban peanuts?  Do you know any kids with a severe peanut allergy?  Did you know anyone with that type of allergy when you were growing up?  Or do you think the banning of peanuts is just reactionary… and maybe a little silly?


Have Food Allergies Gotten Out of Control?

No longer are PB&Js a school lunch staple; in fact, they’re banned in a lot of districts.

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