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If you have a child starting Kindergarten this fall you are probably feeling a little nervous about how the transition will go. It’s perfectly normal for us as parents to feel a little anxious when our children are entering new situations.

Here are some ways we can ensure our kindergarteners get off to a good start.

Become familiar with the school. Drive by often and even go and play in the playground (only if it’s open to the public). Check out whay the PTA do over the summer for incoming Kindergarteners, many have playdates over the summer.

Go shopping with your child. Most schools have a list of supplies for you to buy. Get them excited about the things they’re going to be doing in class.

If your child has any little quirks or mannerisms you think the teacher should know about, write them a letter. It’s really helpful for the teacher if they have information like this at the beginning of the school year.

Spend time over the summer reading. Read, read, read. Not only is this good for your child’s langauage, reading and writing skills, it’s also great for getting them to sit down for periods of time and just listen (which is an important skill for your kindergartener to have).

Skills your kindergartener should have before starting school:

* Encourage your child to learn the alphabet. Work on writing the letters of the alphabet.
* Can your child write their name? Encourage them to do so.
* Teach your child the colors and numbers.
* Don’t worry if your child isn’t ready to do these, just follow their lead.

The most important thing your child can have when they start school is a passion for learning. Some ways you encourage this passion is to talk and ask questions. You can do this anywhere, in the store, out on a walk. Ask them questions about how they think things work .

You’ll also want to answer your childs questions to you. If you don’t know the answer to something, find it out. By showing your child you’re passionate about fnding things out, they will also develop a passion for it.

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How to ease you AND your little one’s nerves about the first day.

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