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By: Nicole Pelletiere

Some of the most precious moments are made when taking summer vacations with our families.  However, let’s be honest, it can get pretty stressful at times—especially with the little ones.

“When we think about vacation, we think about all the things we can see and how we can cram it all into one day” says Lissa Poirot, editor of  “We have to remember that we need to do what we can to be prepared, so we can avoid the stress”.

Here, Lissa provides us with some smart tips on how to have a more enjoyable, less stressful, vacation for you and your family:

1.)  Plan Ahead- Know what to pack and how much of it.  There are a lot of rules regarding airports and what or how much you are able to bring onto an airplane.  For carry-on liquids, the TSA allows 3.4 ounces.  Keep this in mind when packing bottles, as well as heavy items such as strollers and carriers.  You may also want to call your hotel to clarify what they do and do not have.  Ask them to clear out the mini bar fridge.  This way, you can use it and you won’t have to worry about your children getting into it.

2.Leave Yourself Plenty of Time- Do not forget that you should leave yourself lots of extra time, especially when going to the airport.  Parking, check-in, security; all of these things take a while—they take even longer when traveling with kids, husbands, and luggage in tow.

3.)  Lower the Expectations You Have for Your Kids- They are still small and chances are they are not used to being so “out-and-about”.  Your children may need to slow down, take breaks, have a snack, and possibly go back to the hotel and nap.  It may disrupt your day, but it’s better to have them refreshed than cranky when all of you are trying to have a great time.

4.)  Stick to the Normal Schedule You Have Set For Them- This advice is especially important for new parents with younger children.  Babies need their rest; sticking to the same schedule you have set for them at home is extremely important.  Regular naps and bottle feeding should all stay the same.

5.)  Pack Emergency Items in Diaper Bag- As we know, unexpected moments may happen when away on vacation.  Packing surprise snacks is a good idea to satisfy little tummies during a long wait.  In addition, you should always pack an extra change of clothes in case of potty accidents, or mealtime messes.

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Family Vacation Critic’s editor shares great tips on how to have a less stressful and enjoyable family vacation.

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