Whether you’re expecting your first or prepping for your second’s first day of school, chances are you need to buy the essentials, and fast. If only diapers, crayons, and baby food would grow on trees! Sadly they don’t. Thankfully, there are a ton of different ways to save online today.

While the tradition of coupon clipping is alive and well, online couponing is way more convenient. If you’re looking for an easy way to lower your monthly credit card statement and keep your money in your wallet (where it belongs!), you’ll want to check out these great resources, below, for getting the best online shopping deals. 

Online coupons or discount offer sites
Remember the mess created by trying to traverse the treacherous coupon booklets in your local Sunday newspaper? Save some money (and trees) by checking out neighborhood coupon compiler sites like ShopLocal or ValPak. Some have even partnered with Facebook, allowing consumers to share coupons with friends and family.

Other great online coupon sites include:

Collective buying sites
Sites like Groupon and Living Social are all the rage right now. Get exclusive deals on everything from baby supplies to Gymboree classes by signing up for their daily deals.

Mom communities on the Web
Let’s face it: Buying the necessities for your new baby is expensive. Moms have traditionally shared bargain tips at the back fence and the bus stop, but it’s quickly transitioning online to mom communities. With hundreds of like-minded moms all on the hunt for diaper deals, you’re bound to find the savings.

These are only a few ways you can save big on the Web when shopping for your kids. Do you have any tips that worked especially well for you?

Quick ways moms can save big on back-to-school products and more.

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