New 'Egg Timer' Test to Determine Ovulation

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Article Courtesy of ABC News

The test – nicknamed the “egg timer” – detects approximately how many eggs are left in a woman’s ovaries, letting them know how fertile they are.

Medical Director of IVF Australia, Associate Professor Peter Illingworth, says the test will allow women to plan when it is appropriate to move into complex fertility treatment.

“The test is particularly helpful for women who’ve had cancer treatments or women who’ve had surgery on their ovaries, as this allows women to assess the effects of that treatment on their future fertility,” he said.

Professor Illingworth says it could offer reassurance to women who can continue trying to have children naturally.

“What the test will do is identify those younger women who may well be at serious risk of not having children easily when they’re older,” he said.

“It will identify women who are at risk of having a premature menopause for example and allow women to plan how active they should be about fertility treatment.”

Infertility information support and advocacy group ACCESS has welcomed the new test.

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