Toddler Mistakes Gun for Wii Controller, Dies

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From the Tennessean

A mix-up between a Wii game and a .380 caliber pistol led a 3-year-old to pluck the real gun from an end table and shoot herself in the abdomen, ending her life, Wilson County Sheriff Terry Ashe said.

Cheyenne Alexis McKeehan’s stepfather, Douglas Cronberger, and her mother, Tina Ann Cronberger, both 32, were inside their rural Norene home when the child shot herself Sunday night. Her mother was on the computer just a few feet away, Ashe said.

Douglas Cronberger usually kept his gun unloaded and in a cabinet. However, on Saturday night, Cronberger got out his gun, loaded it and went outside to look for what he thought was a prowler. When he came back inside, he put the gun on an end table in the living room and forgot about it, according to a Sheriff’s Department statement.

The statement also said Cheyenne learned how to use a gun from playing a Nintendo Wii game for days.

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