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Article Courtesy of Celebrity-Babies Blog

Before contemplating children, many couples often choose to add to their family with a furry friend in order to learn the responsibility ropes. For actor Jerry O’Connell, practicing fatherhood with his dogs before welcoming his fraternal twin daughters Charlie Tamara Tulip and Dolly Rebecca Rose has proven helpful!

While guest-hosting Live! With Regis and Kelly last week, the doting dad proudly showed off pictures of his baby girls and noted their giddy smiles could only be attributed to one thing: feeding time! A veteran dog owner, Jerry jokes he has seen the same look before. “What’s amazing is I had dogs before we had kids and when you get the dog food [and] you’re putting it out, the dogs are like [panting], ‘Food time!’” he laughs. “Babies are exactly the same.”

With the girls now 6-months-old, feeding time entails two bottles and a can of formula; The first six months of their lives, however, mom Rebecca Romijn nursed. “Even I was like, ‘Honey, why?’ Lets go get some formula and make this easy,” Jerry says.

“But every few hours that big generator Frankenstein machine would go on.”

Unfortunately, nursing the twins involved adhering to a strict feeding schedule and, more often that not, cutting date nights short. “We were at a friend of ours’ wedding and we were there for a couple of hours. I was having a good time, dancing…and we’re having a good time,” he recalls. “My wife grabbed me and she was like, ‘We’re leaving now,’ and I was like, ‘No, no, no, come on, I want to cut the cake.” Realizing that Rebecca was more than ready to feed the babies — and had subsequently started to leak milk — Jerry laughs that the couple had to “skedaddle out of there!”

Not surprisingly, when asked by co-host Kelly Ripa if he has been able to rest since the babies arrived, the actor is quick to respond that sleep is a luxury of the past. To date, Charlie and Dolly have maintained a strict wake-up call: rise and shine at 5 a.m.! However, whose sleeping habits — or lack thereof — they have inherited have yet to be determined, Jerry laughs.

“I don’t wake up particularly early, my wife doesn’t wake up particularly early, but for some reason [for] our children, 5 a.m. is their time.”

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Jerry O’Connell Talks About Breastfeeding

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