Genuine Monkeez
All Ages
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These adorable, hand-crafted knit sock monkeys are a total throwback to the Great Depression…which seems fitting for our economy right now!

Ranging in price from $4.50 for mini back pack clips and ornaments to $15.00 for 14-inch knit sock monkeys, they encourage children to play the old-fashioned way—with their minds and imaginations!

Each Genuine Monkeez has it’s own name and personality, and comes with removable knit hats and scarves. Making them even more fun to play with, the Monkeez have hidden magnets in their hands and feet. Available in three sizes, plus clothing sets for the monkeys, back pack clips, ornaments, night lights, photo frames, magnets and more.

To buy, go to and save $15 off of any order over $45. Enter DEAL15 in checkout, good through April 6, 2009.



These depression-era toys are making a HUGE comeback.

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