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By’s Kerri Geringswald

It’s 2011…which means in our heads, flying cars and hoverboards aren’t that far off. While both of those might be a stretch, we continue to be impressed with the new designs we’re seeing in baby gear. Check out a few of our changing table “futuristic” favorites.

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Nobody puts baby in a corner… until now. The Badger Basket Diaper Corner Changing Table saves space while making it easier to change diapers. Once your child is out of diapers the table can be used as a bookshelf or media center.
Price: $129.98

The diaper depot boasts pull out stairs for toddlers who need changing, 10 pull-out drawers for storage needs, and a paper towel dispenser. All sections are lockable to keep children from using unattended. 
Price: $949.99
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Introduce modern elegance into your child’s nursery with the height adjustable Leander changing table, smart enough to include drawers to keep diaper care necessities out of sight. When your child becomes older the changing table converts into a desk.
Price: $1,275
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The Ubi changing table with safety belt holds babies up to 30 pounds, and makes fishing for a diaper easy with a built in dispenser. The design allows for parents to position themselves for optimal diaper changing.
Price: $128.49
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If you are out of space but still have your heart set on having a changing table then the IKEA Antilop wall mount changing table is your solution. The Antilop can be folded up when not in use and features handy pockets for changing accessories as well as for storing toys or blankets.
Price: $79.99
Get more info here


The whimsical handmade design of the Lullaboo changing table makes this a darling addition to any nursery. The shelves provide ample space to make everything you need for a diaper change handy. Bonus: Once the diaper changing stage is over, you can convert it to a bookshelf!
Price: $815.00
Buy it here


The IoLine changing trunk provides an innovative addition to changing tables. Not only does it have a sliding trunk that can hold all the diapering necessities, but when your child gets older it can be used as seating and storage.
Price: $520

Stokke once again fulfills parental needs with their changing table, offering favorable positioning for diaper changing and baskets that can hold anything from clothing to diaper wipes. Once your child outgrows diapers, the changing table can convert into an entertainment unit, play table or student desk.
Price: 499
Buy it here


Cars aren’t the only thing getting a redesign for 2011.

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