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Motherhood is full of moments that make you eat your words.

I never thought I could love as much as I love my kids, I never thought I would really get as little sleep as I do, I never thought I would discuss the bowel habits of another human, albeit an itty bitty human, for 20 minutes as if it were the most interesting topic in the world, and I never thought that I would be on the organic bandwagon.

{But then again I never thought I would catch someone’s vomit in my own hands and I’ve done that in the past five years way more times then I care to count.}

But really, I never saw the organic thing coming. In fact just recently flyboy uttered the phrase, “Oh come on a little pesticide never killed anyone”. And he was being serious.  I think.  But then again he’s a Marine who prides himself on his survival skills.

The pesticide free side of organic appealed to me but I thought that the label “organic” was a trendy branding that just didn’t fit me. I know, I know that’s very small minded of me. Trust me, I’m eating my words.

Or rather my kids are, because those little monsters are USDA certified organic these days.

Dash-1, my darling little five year old, has severe food allergies {peanuts and eggs} and often times with food allergies come food sensitivities, more often then not food coloring is included. More specifically the dreaded Red 40.

Red 40 turns my little darling into a nut ball. And just so we are on the same page I’m talking bouncing off the wall, driving everyone around him crazy kinda nut ball.

Something had to be done. Now, I could have just outlawed every and all fruit snack from the house. Anything with red 40 simply would have to go. But… really? What would I bride the kids with when I had to drag all three somewhere?

{Because yes, yes, I do bride my kids sometimes…. 3 kids and a husband who’s gone from time to time, oh yeah, I bride}

And that’s how the organic trend snuck up on me and bit me in the rear.  In a love bite sorta way.

In my mind it seemed more realistic to find substitute snacks rather then go without. I looked and looked, my mother looked and looked, and you know what we found? Some really great stuff!

Did you know there are organic lollipops out there? Well there are and they are fab-u-lous! And organic gummy bears? Check. Sour gummy worms? Check.

For the everyday snacking we’ve found fantastic fruit nuggets that are: certified usda organic, allergen free, made with no added sugars, and drumroll…. no food coloring.

And that my friends, is what made me a convert.

Now I’m singing the praises of organic food, with just a little effort and looking it’s easy to swap out the yuck and swap in the organic.Keep an open mind. There is a whole other side to it. It’s not just about the pesticides free produce and there can be some real benefits.

{Although the produce is delightful}

Now, because I’m big on the honest mommy movement {we should all be honest and open about the real side of motherhood} let me just say, my kids still eat fast food and they occasionally some candy with food coloring in it {and I pay, oh do I pay}.

But we are making changes. I’m taking control of the pantry and kicking the crap out. My kids are wild enough and motherhood is crazy enough.

Red 40 you’re out. Organic… you’re in.

– the mrs.


I thought that the organic label was a trendy branding that just didn’t fit me. I was wrong.

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