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There are many myths of parenthood. I want to dispel one for you. One so notorious parent’s approach this day with such apprehension their pediatricians even warn about it.

The terrible two’s

Here’s the truth…. two’s are easy. Two year olds are busy, filled with adventure, wonder, climbing, hands in the dog food fun. Your little darling is going to make you work for it, your house will always look like the Rolling Stones partied there the night before but two year olds are by nature sweet and curious.

Your little darling is going to turn on you. Sometime before his third birthday that little cherub will change before your eyes into a creature you have never seen. This creature appears to be able to communicate with a very limited words, consisting mainly of “no” and “mine”. The rest of his communication skills include grunts, ear piercing shrills, pinching, scratching and the occasional bite.

Dear Mom and Dad don’t fear two. Fear three. Three’s are the new two’s. I think two gets a bad rap. Just as you think you have beaten the odds and breezed through the terrible twos, three sneaks up on unsuspecting parents and smacks you down.

Three is difficult for many reasons, I think the main reason it is so hard is because you are so totally unprepared for the alien that has taken over your sweet baby. Three is power struggles and the need for independence. “Me do it” is the mantra of three. Consider yourself warned. Three is the new two. Three is the age to be wary of.

Your little darling is going to turn on you, but it’s not when you think it is.

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