As a nursing mom, is there a special diet I should be following?

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The best diet for a nursing mom is probably going to sound familiar , as it’s what health care professionals, dieticians, and nutritionists have recommended for decades. Eat a variety of foods in as close to their natural state as possible, representing major groups of fruits and vegetables, grains, proteins, and small amounts of fats/oils. We all have food habits that aren’t ideal, but aiming for a balanced variety of foods is a good goal as we begin down the road to raising our family and establishing healthy eating habits that will influence our children in a positive way both today and in the future.

In the early days of breastfeeding, you may find that you are hungry a lot more, or that your hunger is more intense than while pregnant (I used to joke that I’d eat the countertop if it were smothered in ketchup.) Eating many smaller meals or hearty snacks throughout the day can help maintain your energy. It is a big transition, becoming a mother, and you need to make sure to take time to mother yourself while you’re caring for your new baby.

Preparing meals for you can be a great way to involve friends and family who want to help you after the baby is born. Anytime someone comes to visit, ask them to pick up a few fresh items from the grocery store, bring a casserole, or a salad from your favorite takeout place. They’ll appreciate having the opportunity to pamper you. Your partner can help by cutting up vegetables or making a sandwich for you and leaving it in easy reach in the refrigerator when they’re going to be away. Having a healthy snack or lunch to reach for can help minimize the times the taco chips will call your name from the pantry.

Breastfed babies are exposed to a variety of tastes through breastmilk because the taste, and even the color of your milk can change depending on what you eat. For your baby, breastfeeding is like eating at a gourmet restaurant where your favorite dish is always available, always warmed to exactly the right temperature, and is seasoned and spiced expertly and differently each day so that you get a variety of flavors in your favorite food.

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