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Thanksgiving heralds the start of the holiday season (and yes, the holiday sales) but for many families it’s also the ideal starting point for giving back.  Schools gather food and collect donations for thanksgiving meals but many (like myself!) wonder about more ways to donate money, things, or time, to make a meaningful impact for those doing more struggling than celebrating.   To help set my own family on the path to making a difference, I discovered these shockingly easy ways (large and small) that we could make a difference:


1. Shop locally.  You might not be able to find your turkey or any of your canned ingredients at the nearby farmer’s market, but no doubt a lot of your holiday fixings can be found from local growers. (see a list of those near you here.) Support them this holiday season and as often as you can. 


2. Buy Brands that give back too.  In addition to helping you check items off your shopping list, certain food brands can help you give back by giving back too.  Brands like Newman’s Own are known for the % of proceeds that go to a good cause, but so many more companies do as well. 


3. Make Black Friday (and cyber monday) the biggest giving day.  You don’t have to wait in long lines for this one—click on over to Heifer.org. This is an incredible organization that’s all about giving a gift that can offer hope for the future and help end hunger.   Not a band-aid solution, Heifer is all about fostering self-reliance and sustainability.  Show your kids how the donation of a cow or a flock of chicks can make a huge difference!

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How to put the “thanks” in Thanksgiving this year.

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