One of my favorite money-saving websites, Kids Eat 4 Free, just re-vamped their homepage so it is even easier to find a free meal for your rugrats. You can search by city and state or by zip code. For both options you can select which day of the week you want to find a free meal for.

For example, if you wanted to eat out tonight in Los Angeles, you have tons of choices, including at Boston Market, Denny’s, Dinah’s, Marie Callender’s, Sharky’s and Soccer Tortas.

If you live in Austin, TX there are plenty of options. Same for Phoenix, Jacksonville, Fla., or Lexington, KY. Check how many restaurants are listed in your state.

Each result gives you the restaurant address, phone number, and a link to get the freebie details. You can also vote on a specific restaurant.

The site is expanding to Canada soon. Hope it helps you find a restaurant that will feed your kids for free!

Go to for more great discounts.

Find out how kids can eat 4 Free.

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