Breastfeeding Doll: A Step Forward, Or Just Plain Creepy?

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Little girls love to play mommy to their baby dolls. We all did it: changed their fake dirty diapers, feed them fake baby food, gave them their fake bottle when they fake cried. But fake breastfeeding?

Now, Spanish toy manufacturer, Berjuan, has introduced the Bebe Gloton. The first-ever breastfeeding doll for children, complete with a nursing halter top for the doll’s owner to wear. When placed near one of the two daisies on the halter (yes, they are strategically placed where nipples would be), the doll starts making sucking sounds. To see how the whole process works, watch the video below.

For those people who find themselves upset at the “pro-bottle” baby doll market, they will most likely find this doll as a giant leap forward. However, some parents are finding it a bit, err, creepy.

What do you think about this new doll? A good idea or just plain creepy? Leave your comments below.


A Spanish toy company introduces the first-ever breastfeeding doll for children.

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