As part of our new series, we’ll talk with our favorite designers from who bring us the fabulously unique mom, baby, and toddler gear we love! Designer:Viola Hale of ViolaStudio

What do they design? Unique, original handcrafted items made from repurposed premium materials, vintage or recycled paper and fabrics, 100% wools, and natural suede and leather.

New Parent: How did you get into design?I have always enjoyed making things by hand, especially gifts for special occasions from interesting materials that were readily available. I find there are so many accessible quality materials that have been discarded and just waiting to be repurposed.  I would much rather take that inspiration and create a personalized gift for someone than buy one.

What motivated you to start your own Etsy store? After making gifts for friends and family, I kept hearing that I should make these items to sell.  At that point I had just discovered etsy, and decided to open my own shop and started making a few items.  It has really grown from that point a few years ago, and I am very thankful for the opportunity to make these creations for people.

What is your favorite item you are currently selling?There are many favorites but I think the dolls are special for me, maybe because of their popularity. It is a lot of fun making them, especially a custom doll for a specific girl or boy.

Do you have a favorite design website or other Etsy seller you love or get inspiration from? It would be hard to choose from so many very talented artists and their shops I see everyday on etsy.  Here are some I would recommend to visit: 6shadowsjewelry, boobiloo, lauraamiss, adatine.

Click here to visit theViolaStudio store!

Q&A with featured children’s designers.

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