The HomeCEO™’s Guide to Life Teaches Women How to Live in Harmony, Health and Happiness

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For the 72 million working professional women and the more than 5 million stay at home moms in the United States, maintaining an organized, healthy and joy-filled home can be a challenge while balancing career objectives, travel, hobbies, and for some, children’s hectic schedules. Between being the household leader, head chef, transportation executive, entertainment director, drill sergeant, cheerleader, doctor, travel agent and oftentimes finance manager, women today wear an increasing number of hats throughout the day. Fortunately, Maraya Pearson recognizes the many hats worn by HomeCEO’s™,  the women who have committed to making the home a primary calling in their life, and wrote a book titled The HomeCeo’s Guide to Life: How to Live in Harmony, Health and Happiness, which was released February 2012.

The HomeCEO’s Guide to Life helps women achieve total life organization. The book begins with general, foundational principles of what constitutes the ideal home environment as well as a self-assessment to help women gauge areas of strengths and identify development areas.

To help women become Chief Executive Organizers, Pearson stresses the importance of having a hierarchy of priorities. The book features a Six-Step Organizing Roadmap to help women efficiently juggle such things as priorities, time, finances and children.

“[The physical and mental well-being] is foundational to living life to its fullest”, Pearson says while discussing the importance of physical and emotional health. Topics in these chapters include traditional exercise and diet as well as the importance of managing stress and worry to help women be a Culinary & Exercise Officer.

Lastly, the book covers topics related to personal joy and joy in relationships to transform women into the Chief Encouragement Officer of the house. This section, along with the entire book, is filled with practical advice from a broad cross section of women, making it relatable to women of all walks of life, ages and interests.

Available in print and eBook versions, The HomeCEO’s Guide to Life: How to Live in Harmony, Health and Happiness can be purchased online at Amazon, Barnes and Nobles, iTunes and For more information on how to “live a passionate, exciting, joy-filled life…every single solitary day”, visit

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