Chances are, your dad-to-be is more than nervous for the big day. Show these tips to your new daddy so he feel at ease with what to expect.

Experienced dads sound off on how to handle the “big day.”

1) “Check your watch. As your partner’s due date approaches, make sure you have a good digital watch with a timer and light, so you can monitor her contractions, even in the middle of the night.”
Jason, Vancouver, Wash.

2) “Bring snacks and water. You’ll need nourishment for energy and to keep you thinking clearly—and you may not have time to run to the hospital cafeteria for a hot meal.”
Jeff, Fallbrook, Calif.

3) “Say cheese! Pack a camera or camcorder so you can capture your baby’s first moments on film.”
Buffalo, Hailey, Idaho

4) “Hold her hand. It sounds so simple, but a little physical contact can go a long way in easing her apprehension.”
Steve, Cleveland, Ohio

5) “Don’t take things personally. If your partner isn’t receptive to your back rub or snaps at you to stop talking, don’t get bent out of shape. Instead, try a different tactic or ask her what she needs.”
David, Portland, Ore.

6) “Trust your gut. Don’t worry that you won’t know what to do: When the time comes, your instincts will guide you.”
John, Bernardsville, N.J.

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