Facebook Allows Users to Announce Baby Milestones

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Facebook allows us to follow our friends through important milestones in their lives—engagements, marriages, and now, babies!

The new status option allows couples to mark the very significant time in their lives when they are expecting. It is very fittingly called, “Expecting a baby.”

You now have the access to add this blessed event on your timeline, tag your partner in the post, and even add the location.  Upon announcing your milestone, a pacifier icon will immediately grace your profile page.

This new social media function surely won’t please Unbaby.me users, the Chrome extension that deletes babies from your Facebook newsfeed permanently and replaces them with pictures of images like cats or bacon—yes we said it, bacon.

Those that do enjoy the occasional baby alerts scattered on their timeline may also get the privilege to read written story included in the announcement made by the parents-to-be.  Once published, the story will appear in the newsfeed and will be featured on the ‘Celebration sidebars’ of friends’ home pages.

Very cute—great job, Facebook!


Photo courtesy of FacebookTell the world that you’re expecting a baby.

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