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There was once a time when ‘homeschooling’ was a dirty word – a form of extreme parenting practiced by families on the fringes of society. But today, homeschooling has become a way for parents to connect with their children and create the enriching, safe, and creative environment that traditional schools may no longer provide. Even famous families are getting in on the act – celebrities such as John Travolta to Will and Jada Pinkett Smith have made the decision to educate their children at home.

            The ABC’s of Homeschooling, by Laura Ann Huber, introduces homeschooling to the modern, mainstream family. More than just a teaching handbook, author Huber offers advice that can help any parent, homeschooling or not, raise smart, capable, and empowered children.

            “We can blame a lot on how our school system is failing,” says Huber, “but in the end it always comes back to the parents. Somewhere along the line parents must step up and take responsibility for the way their children are being taught.”

            From bad days to bad grades, the 26 chapters of The ABC’s of Homeschooling cover topics including:

  • Learning to ‘unschool’ yourself and breakout of the traditional educational model
  • How to create goals for you and your children that motivate rather than overwhelm
  • Building fun time into any curriculum to boost in creativity, quality time with your kids, and teach the importance of rewarding hard work
  • Tapping into the natural gifts of your children and learning to embrace their heart’s desire, not yours.

For over thirteen years, Laura Ann Huber has been educating her three children from her home in southeastern Indiana. She has been published in Home Education Magazine and her work has been praised educators, both in the homeschooling community and beyond. Huber hopes to inspire parents to believe in themselves and their children, empowering future generations to excel. 


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