Splash into summer with the adorable new swimwear collection from Bambino Mio, a company that offer parents better solutions for your baby, and the environment with their two-piece diaper system. The new swimwear line includes an integrated nappy (with no additional nappy required) so that your baby can enjoy time at the pool or the beach in comfort without the use of an additional diaper.

Featuring one-piece suits and separate nappies, the new swimwear line features an integrated “cloth diaper” layer, elastic waist with drawstring and elastic leg cuffs so that containment of solids is provided and leakage is prevented. The material is a stretchy polyester/cotton blend and the lightweight, soft cotton lining is extra gentle against baby’s sensitive skin. As the perfect combination of a regular swimsuit and a cloth diaper, the new swim nappies also have a concealed waterproof layer, leak proof legs and waistband and elasticized leg cuffs and waistband provide a secure, slim fit.

The one-piece suits are a great cover-up for girls that are also made of super-stretchy swim fabric and have the same integrated features that the regular nappy has.

We also loved the cute prints that features Pink Stripes, Pink Daisy, and Blue Shark, are available now, as are earlier introduced patterns Spot and Fish. Sizes are Small (11-16 lbs.), Medium (16-21 lbs.), Large (21-27 lbs.), Extra Large (27 – 34 lbs.)

Find out more at www.bambinomio.com

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