Ohio School Shooting Claims Third Victim

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Three students have died and two others are recovering after a teenage gunman opened fire at Chardon High School Monday morning.

The gunman, who was arrested but not yet officially identified, began shooting victims in the Ohio high school’s cafeteria before classes started on Monday. A brave teacher chased him away from the scene, where he ran into the woods where he was arrested.

The Ohio school, which is located 30 miles outside of Cleveland, was not the school of the gunman. Friend’s of the alleged suspect say that he is a student at a school for at-risk children nearby, Lake Academy in Willoughby, but is picked up via charter bus at Chardon High School each morning.

While the suspect has not been formally identified, several news outlets have reported that students who know the the Ohio school shooter have identified him as Thomas “TJ” Lane.

Jonathan Donato, a reported friend of the suspect, told local news outlets that T.J. Lane was “just a person that, like, wanted to hide himself and keep all of his emotions … and they built up and built up inside of him and they came out in a way nobody would expect ….”

The school district was closed on Monday following the shooting, and will be closed Tuesday as well.

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