Southwest Airlines Kicks Toddler Off Plane

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Was the airline correct in kicking off the mom and her tot?

Southwest Airlines gave a two-year-old toddler and his mom a time out last week when they kicked them off a flight from Amarillo to San Jose. The toddler, who was screaming “Go plane go!” and “I want Daddy!”, was apparently so loud the passengers could not hear the preflight safety announcements. While the mother tried to assure the flight crew the toddler would stop after awhile, they did not seem to agree, and had the plane taxi back to the gate where they were let off the plane.

Though Southwest has since apologized and issued a refund and $300 flight voucher, a bigger question is at hand. According to an MSNBC poll, 76% of people AGREE with Southwest airlines, and think screaming kids should be taken off the plane. Most people who take the airlines’ side seem to think kids that age should not fly, or that maybe the mom wasn’t doing a “good enough job.”


What do you think? Was the airline correct in kicking off the mom and her tot? What do you think should have been done instead? Click “Discuss This Article” to leave your comments!



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