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My Help ID™ has developed privatized identifications in response to the growing number of accidents (auto, disaster, and work) and the lack of ability to notify family in a timely manner. Doctors agree that My Help ID™ lessens anxiety for victims knowing family is near. My Help ID™ privatized ID system was designed by First Responders to help themselves as well as Emergency Rooms to quickly identify victims and any known allergies. My Help ID™ gives peace of mind for caregivers knowing if a loved one is hurt, they can know as soon as possible.

As the time comes for students to go back to school or go off to college, My Help ID™ gives parents peace of mind that they will be notified if their children are in an emergency while they are away. From kindergarten field trips to college students in a new town, parents cannot possibly be everywhere with their children at all times. My Help ID™ will be. Arm your children with the privatized My Help ID™ system that speaks when our members can’t. My Help ID™’s privatized ID solution for families is revolutionizing the way they protect and identify loved ones, as well as, pets and property.

First Responders themselves use the coded wristbands, dog tags, temporary tattoos, key tags, stickers and more to protect their own families. Their kids and certainly elderly family members even wear the wristband for their own peace of mind. The first thing all victims want is their family when they are hurt. My Help ID™ also adds to the way you protect your family from predators or identity theft culprits by giving a privatized, coded ID number specific to each family member.

My Help ID™ privatizes each member’s ID kits to protect information from the bad guys, but allows First Responders access to contact family in emergencies. It is even more evident after the recent shootings this last month, that everyone should have 24/7 identification and access to their families. “I feel better knowing that my family uses their ID kits all the time. Between the kids hanging out with friends and my husband’s business trips, I know that I cannot always be there with my family. I know that My Help ID™ will be,” said Mrs. Wells, mother of three and My Help ID™ member.”

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