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A world traveler and avid cyclist, author Peter Liptak loves to say “WOO HOO!” and knows that the simple experiences in life hold the greatest adventures. As a kid, he loved exploring his neighborhood on his bicycle, visiting his local animal humane society to play with the shelter dogs and, especially, going to summer camp.

Liptak, wanting to help young kids escape the ‘indoor society’ of TV and video games and explore the world around them with fresh new eyes, created Teddy’s Day: On a Bearish Adventure through Everyday Life and its companion book, Teddy’s Camp: On a Bearish Adventure into the Woods.

“My hope is to get children to sit together with their parents and share reading time while instilling a sense of wonder at the majesty of the outside world and learning to enjoy the beauty of nature and animals at an early age,” says Liptak. “I want to show kids the magic of summer camp and dispel any fear of leaving home for the first time.”

Teddy’s Day: On a Bearish Adventure through Everyday Life, the first in the series, begins with the discovery of one day. As children enter Teddy’s world, they begin their travels into the wider world without fear and full of wonder. Teddy’s Day transports young readers into a lively, yet comfortable place with bright colors and dreamlike artwork, propelling them through the day with a simple cadence and a rhyme scheme that breathes new life into a tried and true theme – the loveable teddy bear.

“I used Teddy – as a Teddy bear – to present a theme that is both enduring and very personal for all children,” explains Liptak. “Tested and timeless, this bear lets children interact with him in the world and promotes a positive worldview while embracing their innate sense of wonder.”

The next in the series, Teddy’s Camp: On a Bearish Adventure into the Woods takes Teddy’s adventure to the next level as he sets off to summer camp to meet new friends and explore the woods. Children experience the wonders of summer camp with Teddy and his new friends from all over the world as he rides horses, sings songs around the campfire, and swims to his heart’s content.

Teddy’s Day HD can also be found as an award-winning app on the iPad and children can follow along and interact with Teddy’s new adventures around the world by going to www.teddytracks.com.

“I guess I just want my young audience to go hand-in-hand with their old friend Teddy as they create warm memories with their parents, make new discoveries in the world and learn to say “WOO HOO!,” adds Liptak.

Teddy’s Day: On a Bearish Adventure through Everyday Life and Teddy’s Camp: On a Bearish Adventure into the Woods are both available at Exile Press through Ingram and on Amazon

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