HUMOUR: 6 Kids You’ll Find At a Birthday Party

Article Courtesy of 6. Señor Puker bday1 The Puker will eat his weight in cupcakes if you let him. Heck, this kid will puke if you look at him funny. Solution: Cut this kid off like David Hasselhoff at a Burger King. One piece of cake only, and keep plenty of ginger ale on hand. 5. Captain Destructo bday6 If there's a cake involved, this kid's a-smashing. Solution: Let Captain Destructo know you mean business. Give him the old crazy eyes when he starts on his rampage. If that doesn't work, for pete's sake, don't be afraid to have his parents get him under control. 4. The Wallflower bday5 You're constantly trying to involve her in pin-the-tail-on-the-donkey and the scavenger hunt, but this little one won't leave her mama's knees. Solution: Have kids try to engage her one-on-one if crowds scare her. And if she won't join in on singing “Happy Birthday,” cool. More cake for the rest of us. FOR THE NEXT 3, CLICK HERE> Go to for more great articles.