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Bump Boxes

I have to admit I was a little skeptical about a company that wanted me to commit to them for 9 months. Already facing pretty extraordinary commitments, *ahem* I wasn’t totally convinced that another one would be exactly what I need at this particular moment. Then my first Bump Box arrived and I started unpacking. 

First, I noticed all the packing materials were recyclable. Plus points for Bump Boxes. Then I dug into the stuff: 

  • Meditation Activities and Coloring Book with pre-sharpened pencils, ok, that’s nice. 
  • Preggie Pops for my nausea, ok, that was thoughtful. 
  • Zoya nail polish with no harsh chemicals, I like it. 
  • A bottle of DHA/EPA with no fishy aftertaste? Now we’re talking! 

You see, my priority is the health and safety of my baby and my own body as I grow her. According to the American Pregnancy Association, the typical American diet is low in critical Omega-3 fatty acids, which the baby needs for brain, eye, and nervous system development. Moms need it too, to support baby’s development in utero, and later in breastmilk production. Omega-3s also help fend off postpartum depression and severe mood swings. 

The downfalls of taking fish oil can be twofold: mercury found in fish can be dangerous, and no pregnant woman needs the taste of fish stuck in her mouth. Bump Boxes has done their research, and taken care of both of these issues. The DHA/EPA in my box is mercury free and tasteless. They know that to grow a healthy baby, I need to take good care of both of us in the process, and they are making it easy! 

I love that this company is not only into what some might consider fluffy stuff like nail polish, but also the nitty gritty of my baby’s brain development. What’s more, they are doing it with clear conscientiousness around the ingredients in the products they provide and the way they deliver it, keeping baby and Mom’s health and safety central to their mission, while being easy on the Earth. 

My box felt both celebratory and comforting as I finally enjoyed watching my pretty nails glide smooth colors onto my new activity book. If there was ever a time to cultivate a sense of peacefulness and gentle, continuous celebration, pregnancy is it, especially with all the research showing the positive impacts of mindfulness in just about every situation. Honestly, I would not have engaged in these activities had Bump Boxes not brought it to my doorstep. 

Now, I’m all in, and I’m grateful for the reminder to slow down and receive what feels like a caring gesture from a close friend, or rather from a company that is bringing it with both beauty and brains. I can not help but think what a fantastic gift a subscription would be to all the pregnant women I know!

A little poking around on their website and I realize they are taking care of Dads and Newborns too. With the holidays just around the corner, I find myself grateful again–Bump Boxes has it covered.

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