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Bump Boxes

Let’s talk about integrity for a minute. When you first find out you are pregnant, and the shock waves of your own personal life-changing earthquake finally settle, one of the first things you start to think about are the immediate changes to make. There are a lot of them!

No more alcohol, no more caffeine, no more tuna, no soft cheese, no deli meats, no sushi, no mani-pedis, no painting walls, no salicylic acid in your face wash…the list goes on and on.

Whether you agree with these in full or not, the underlying sentiment remains the same: a new, vulnerable life needs protection from harmful chemicals and it’s up to the Mama to see it through. To complicate matters, the more you look into the presence of potentially toxic chemicals in products, the more you find. Face creams and washes, sunscreens, makeup, water bottles–it turns out hundreds of everyday items could be harmful to your baby! The process of researching ingredients and sorting through products can feel overwhelming.

Bump Boxes: Pregnancy with Integrity

Fortunately, Bumpboxes has already sorted it all out for us. With a subscription to Bumpboxes, expectant Moms receive a monthly box of perfectly safe products to use during pregnancy. Not only are these products free of toxins, but many of them are also produced in the USA, often by small, conscientious companies that use recyclable materials in their packaging, and who could surely use our support these days!

Some of their best products include Sunscreen, Bug Spray, and Anti-Stretch oil from Mámbino Organics, a company founded in Los Angeles that sources organic and fair trade ingredients from around the world. Another that receives rave reviews from Moms is Foaming Face Wash from California-based company, Bella B Naturals.

Some Bump Boxes include all natural deodorant from a tiny company called Humble located in Taos, New Mexico. This company makes its products in small batches, right there in Taos, adding essential oils to create a variety of gentle but enticing smells. More skin care products come from Glow Organics, based in Peoria, IL. Aside from being US Companies, what do these products have in common? Toxin-free ingredient lists, of course!

To compliment these great products, Bump Boxes has come up with its own line of maternity lifestyle items under the brand Bumplife. These are nothing but fun when they show up in your box. Walking around with a BPA-free water bottle that says “Feelin’ Fly as a Mother” is sure to keep any expectant woman smiling, confident, and hydrated.

These products encourage embracing the journey of the “Bumplife” while pregnant, and well beyond as motherhood takes shape. Every pregnant woman needs support and encouragement through the process–what could be better than a box of positivity on your doorstep?

Let’s get back to integrity. When you are pregnant, protecting your baby and taking good care of yourself become twin number one priorities. Bump Boxes makes this daunting task a whole lot easier one box at a time. Subscribe now and save on your first box!

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