10 Baby Registry Essentials Every New Mom Needs

baby registry essentialsBy Lyz Lenz

The week before my daughter was born, I was in full-on panic mode. Did I have all the baby registry essentials I needed? Were the blankets clean? Were the clothes organized? Was everything wiped and properly sanitized? By the time my water broke, I thought I was prepared. The garage was clean. The sheets were ready and even my baseboards were sparkling. Instead, I found myself hungry, experiencing a major burp cloth shortage and out of bottles.

Fortunately, I had friends and family who had baby experience and brought me bouquets of burp cloths, boxes of granola bars, and plenty of new baby checklist essentials. And when number two rolls on out, I’ll be prepared. But for you new parents and for those of you looking for great shower gifts, here are 10 baby registry essentials a new moms and dads can’t have too many of.