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I have a problem. Specifically, a googling problem. Even though I’ve read three books on children and parenting and I have “What to Expect the First Year”, I still Google everything from, “What to do about a runny nose?” to “Why does my baby hit me?” And let’s not even discuss my addiction to WebMD. But despite the fact that WebMD makes me think my child has a terminal illness and Google tells me I’m doing everything wrong, the internet is actually a helpful place for parents.

Here are our top 10 picks for best parenting websites.

1. BabyEarth

BabyEarth is full of helpful articles and guides for just about every topic. Some topics are more common while others are hard to find breakthroughs. Overall a good mix of parental time savers to simplify your life and enrich your baby’s!

2. Babywise.life

Just as every pregnancy and baby are different, every member of Babywise has had a different experience putting the principles of Babywise into practice, but the most important thing is that they have experienced the benefits and trials of sleep training and freely share that wisdom on Babywise.life.

3. Hatch Collection

Warning: This site is addictive. Although Hatch Collection is also a great place to shop, they have an awesome blog section that covers a lot of articles about hot current topics and issues pregnant women are facing. A very well run site I’d recommend to any mothers or mother to be.

4. Wholesome Baby Food

When my daughter decided that purees were for babies, I was left scrambling for nutritious and delicious food options for her. I was about to buy a recipe book when a mommy friend told me about Wholesome Baby Food. The recipes have been a lifesaver and so far my daughter loves everything I’ve made for her from this site.

5. Pinterest

At first glance, this site has nothing to do with parents or parenting, but if you look closer you’ll find that this online bulletin board is full of ideas for baby food, baby games, nursery decorating ideas, clothing, toys and more. I’m tempted to have a second baby just so I can sew some of the maternity clothes I’ve found on Pinterest.

6. Scary Mommy

Sure, we all read mom blogs. Dooce, Girl’s Gone Child, Pioneer Woman…They’re all required reading when you’re pregnant or planning to become pregnant. But, Scary Mommy stands out because it’s not just another mom blog, it’s also a community of moms who have come to share, laugh and encourage one another through their weakest moments. And every mom needs that. Also, it’s a hilarious site.

7. Happy Healthy Mama

As a big time health fanatic, I can’t stand the thought of happy meals more than absolutely necessary. Happy Healthy Mama’s 100 Healthy Snacks is loaded with great SIMPLE recipes for you and your kids. Worth every penny rather then going online to find individual recipes. Definitely give this one a try!

8. buybuy BABY

Buy buy baby absolutely had to make this list. Clothing ideas, decorating ideas and the latest and greatest in all the cool toys, buybuy BABY will turn your baby into the coolest kid on the block.

9.  Shit My Kids Ruined

Equal parts therapy and hilarity, Shit My Kids Ruined was named one of Time magazine’s best sites of the year for 2010 and it’s spawned off shoots like, Shit My Wife Ruined. The pictures on this site are perfect for those times when you look around at your messy house and think, “This can’t get any worse!” Trust me, it can.

10.  New Parent

Not to give ourselves a pat on the back, but we encourage you to read our most helpful articles for moms and baby needs – New Baby Checklist, Breastfeeding Guide and Your Baby Bath Essentials!

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