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As your baby hits the six-month mark, you may start to introduce solids into her diet and even begin to make your own baby food. But take note: There are some foods to avoid before your baby’s first birthday.

These foods should not be fed to your child during her first year of life.

Baby food to avoid #1: Cow’s milk

Because it’s difficult to digest and can increase the risk of iron deficiency, you should hold off on cow’s milk until your baby’s first birthday.

Baby food to avoid #2: Honey

Wild honey may contain spores of bacteria that can cause infant botulism, a rare but potentially deadly gastrointestinal condition.

Baby food to avoid #3: Added salt and sugar

These could keep your child from developing a taste for foods in their natural state and, when given in excess, lead to health problems and tooth decay.

Baby food to avoid #4: Hard, round and chewy foods

Once your baby is ready to start finger foods, usually around 7 to 10 months old, be sure that everything you give him is soft, cut into very small pieces and easily swallowed to prevent choking. Steer clear of nuts and seeds, whole grapes, hard fruit chunks, dollops of nut butter and popcorn.

By Stacy Whitman

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