21 Adorable Baby Halloween Costumes

baby halloween costumesEven if your little one is too young to go trick-or-treating, putting her in a sweet or spooky outfit is just plain fun. We scoured the Internet for cute baby Halloween costumes (tough job, we know!) and narrowed it down to these 21 irresistible picks.

baby halloween costumeBaby elephant

A little elephant in a pile of leaves. How sweet is that?

baby halloween costumeBaby nerd

Who knows, he could be the next Albert Einstein!

baby halloween costumeSmurf

The pointy elf hat really makes this, don’t you think?

baby halloween costumeMovie theater usher

Love wearing your baby? Stick her in her carrier and deck her out as a bag of popcorn.

baby halloween costumeCharlie Brown

You’re a cute kid, Charlie Brown!

baby halloween costumeRaggedy Ann

Sweet and super simple—all you need is a red wig.

baby halloween costumeMouse with cheese

The red wagon as a mousetrap isn’t just clever, it’s convenient.

baby halloween costumeTiny mime

Think this toddler got the concept of silence? We doubt it, too.

baby halloween costumeSubway sandwich

Who knew a Subway sandwich so closely resembled a swaddled baby?

baby halloween costumeTin man

Wizard of Oz fans, take note. Maybe next year, you can reuse the shiny material for a space suit.

baby halloween costumeSushi

So cute, we could eat him up!

21 Adorable Baby Halloween Costumes 1Baby hippie

This costume takes flower child to a whole new level.

baby halloween costumeBeanie Baby

If you’ve got a fuzzy one-piece, all you need to do is make the heart-shaped tag.

baby halloween costumeScuba diver

And he didn’t even need to take scuba lessons—impressive!

baby halloween costumeWednesday Addams

For parents with a dark side (or a love of old TV shows).

baby halloween costumeLittle chicken

Or should we say Chicken Little? Either way, people will likely flock to you with compliments.

baby halloween costumeThing 1 and Thing 2

Moms of multiples, this one’s for you.

baby halloween costumeLittle old lady

Like Benjamin Buttons, only way cuter.

baby halloween costumeOompa Loompa

Lifetime supply of chocolate not included.

baby halloween costumeMermaid

Swimmingly adorable, especially for warmer climates.

baby halloween costumeWilson

Calling all movie buffs! This is slightly creepy, but gets major points for creativity.

Get-ups so cute, it’s scary!