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From the featured blog, The Southern Belle Baby

Ah, breastfeeding.  We’ve all heard how great it is for the baby, what a great bond it creates and how EVERYONE should do it. However. No one tells you what breastfeeding actually entails. You don’t hear about the massive leaks, raw nipples, supply woes or amount of time you’ll spend hooked up to a pump like a dairy cow. Well, I am not a fan of keeping people in the dark, so I’m here to tell you the truth: breastfeeding is not glamorous.

Truth #1: In the beginning… Ow, ow, ow.
The first few days, your boobs will rival those of a really trashy porn star. We’re talking huge, hard as a brick and painful. Your little squirt will barely be able to get his mouth around these spherical boobs, but don’t worry. The engorgement will subside, and you’ll be able to fit into normal human size bras again.

Truth #2: Your boobs will rival a super soaker.
It’s feeding time, and your unsuspecting baby opens his mouth, looking for some food. You whip out your boob and douse the poor thing with your high-powered milk spray. Who knew you could get such distance with breast milk??

Truth #3: Laundry will multiply.
Not because the baby throws up or poops out of his diaper, but because you drip all over him at every turn. Time to eat? Time to change the outfit. It’s pretty much a guarantee. Especially if he’s crying- your boobs are hardwired to expel milk when he yelps, and generally, that means that cute little onesie gets it.

Truth #4: Taking a shower becomes painful.
Especially in the beginning, your nipples are going to hurt. Mine got completely raw to the point where standing under the spray of the shower felt like tiny needles hitting my ravaged nipplar region. Of course, I attribute much of this to my son’s pit bull-type latch. When he’s done, he doesn’t open his mouth and move on. He tightens his grip and thrashes his head around like a lion ripping meat from its prey. In a word: ouch.

Truth #5: Sometimes, your boobs shrink.
One morning, I woke up, and my boobs were half the size they had been the day before. I had a lazy eater on my hands that needed constant stimulation while nursing or… my body thought he didn’t need as much. This led to me pumping after every single feeding to make sure both breasts were empty in order to tell my brain “Hey! Make more milk!” These marathon-pumping sessions made me think I ought to change my name to Bessie and wear a cowbell around my neck.

Truth #6: I wouldn’t have it any other way.
Despite all of the troubles breastfeeding can cause, it IS the best thing for the baby, it DOES create a great bond and you SHOULD try it. The moments when I breast feed my son are my favorite times of the day (remind me of this at 3 a.m.). That bright little face looking up at me makes up for the problems I may face along the way. It’s definitely not easy, as “natural” as it may be, but it’s well worth it. And that’s the truth.

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