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By: Nicole Pelletiere

Getting a newborn baby to sleep at night is a common frustration for many parents.  The task at hand can be overwhelming, but there are solutions for those little ones that give Mommy and Daddy their 3:00 am wake up call.

“It’s about following a schedule for you, your daycare, and your babysitter” says Summer Hartman, owner of and Certified Newborn Care Specialist, “Everyday has to be the same; if you are going to pick a schedule, then make sure you stick to it.  It’s about being consistent. “

Here, Summer shares with us tips on establishing good scheduling habits, and ways to get your baby sleeping through the night.

  1. Schedule – pick when you want your child to wake up; for instance, could be 7am then he or she should be in bed at 7pm.  In between schedules are important as well; choosing when your child should eat and play are a big part of their daily routine.
  2. White Noise Machine – very important to do every time it’s nap time or bedtime, turn it on.
  3. Swaddle – this is so important to do; if baby is newborn to 12 weeks always swaddle for nap time and bedtime.
  4. Bedtime Routine – every night do the same thing. I suggest you start 45 minutes before bed; this should be relaxing and calm.
  5. Be CONSISTENT – this is the most important of all these suggestions.

As Summer also shares with us, newborns are naturally hungry when they are welcomed into the world.  We want them to gain the weight required so they can grow strong.  “When they are up to 12 pounds, it is okay to let them fuss a little, giving them a chance to self-soothe.  As a parent you will be proud of them and yourself; it all starts with sleep training”.

If you would like to contact Summer Hartman you can reach her on her website, on twitter or by phone on 480-628-2369.

Certified Newborn Sleep Specialist Summer Hartman shares tips and tricks on how to deal with sleep scheduling.

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