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Excited about creating the perfect nursery, but not about your lack of space? Don’t be! You can still have a gorgeous room for your little one with these 11 creative tips.

Use these tips to expand your space!

Tip #1

Don’t take up valuable floor or table space with a lamp. Consider installing a ceiling lamp to illuminate the entire nursery and save space.

Tip #2

Feeling claustrophobic? Place mirrors across from windows to reflect light and make the nursery appear roomier, all while giving the room an ultra fun look!

Tip #3

Caddy’s that attach to cribs are not only great space savers, but when it’s time for a diaper change everything will be at your finger tips. If only diaper changing could be so easy!

Tip #4

Bins are the best way to keep nursery essentials organized. Look for a crib with a higher bottom and slip the bins out of sight. You can also place bins on wall shelves for a smart look.

Tip #5

No room for a dresser/changing table combo? Wall mounted changing tables are ideal space savers.

Tip #6

While circular cribs and corner cribs are a great space-saving option, nothing beats a folding mini crib (especially one as stylish as this!).

Tip #7

If you long for a regular-sized crib, the key is finding multi-purpose furniture like this Studio Crib. Although it’s pricier than other crib options, it offers a lot more bang for your buck. With an attached changing table, cabinets, and a drawer, it also has the option of converting into a toddler bed and desk. Score!

Tip #8

Sure, stuffed animals are adorable. But they can make a mess of your tiny room! Control the unruly critters with a wall-mounted net like this one.

Tip #9

Door hangers are an easy solution for keeping belongings off of the floor and out of the way. Coats, diaper bags and mesh hanging hampers will stay out of sight with a unique door hook like this one (though, we wouldn’t blame you if you wanted to keep it bare to show of the cool design).

Tip #10

Shelves are going to be a huge help in your space-saving quest. Place your storage bins, books, photos, even a lamp on the shelves without taking up any floor space. Tired of bland colors? Spray paint the shelves before hanging them up for individual flair.

Tip #11

Short on closet space? Double your hanging space with cascading hangers and a fun and stylish clothes tree.

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