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Get your children into gardening by making their very own Animal Planter. This eco-friendly activity will not only give you and your tot quality time in the garden, but is a great way to have a “pet” without the allergies!

Thanks to HGTV for the info

1+ (adult supervision necessary)

What You’ll Need:
-Plastic bottles (2-liter, large juice bottles, etc.)
-Decorative materials to embellish the plastic bottles such as: Felt, fake fur, foam, plastic eyes, pipe cleaners, pom-poms, bottle corks, film canisters, and small terra-cotta pots for legs

What to Do:

1. This project begins in the recycling bin. Take a plastic bottle – the larger the better for younger children – and cut a hole into the side. This will be the top of the container. Puncture drainage holes into the bottom (the opposite side of the opening you just made).

2. To get started, have the kids pick out felt for decorating their animals. They can cover the whole bottle or just cut out circles and fun shapes. Since a glue gun is going to work best for attaching the felt or any of the body parts like eyes, legs or tails to the container, it’s always a good idea to have adult supervision. Then the kids can focus their time and attention on being really creative.

3. Plant the Flowers. -Let the kids pick out their own plants so they’ll really be excited to plant their containers.

-Let them fill their pots halfway with soil. Then go ahead and pop out the flower from the container and gently tear the bottom, allowing the roots to break up.

-Place the plants inside the pots, and cover the root balls with soil. Be sure not to bury them too deeply.

These animal planters are cute AND allergy-free!

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